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To make the answer simple: Brut is DRYER than Extra Dry.  Meaning that Extra Dry has more sugar in than Brut. 

The Cork Dork Says...
There are 8 categories of Champagne styles.  From Driest to Sweetest: 
  • Extra Brut - Bone Dry, sugar less than 0.6% per liter.
  • Brut - Sugar 0.5 - 1.5%.
  • Extra Dry - Off-Dry, 1.0 - 2%
  • Sec - Literally translated means dry, but has 2 -3.5% sugar
  • Demi-Sec - Meaning off-dry, 3.5-5%
  • Doux - Minimum 5.5% sugar, and has been known to have 8%

The sugar comes from the Dosage which comes from filling the bottle back up with water and sugar after the yeast cells are removed.

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