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Delamain Cognac Vesper XO  1.75L     
Like most Cognac houses, Delamain does not grow grapes but instead purchases eaux-de-vie from trusted grower/distillers who offer their finest spirits for evaluation after each harvest. The selected spirits for Delamain’s Vesper are aged separately in old, 350-liter oak barrels called roux rather ... more
Sku: 00358
Reg. $30.99
Woodward Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon Old Vines  750ML     
Bacardi 8 Rum is the premium dark rum from Bacardi that is aged for eight years in small mature oak casks to develop into the world’s most exquisitely smooth rum. Wonderfully aromatic, with rich and complex flavor those us to be savored.... more
Sku: 09610
Reg. $29.99
Ron Llave Rum Gold 80@  750ML     
  Sku: 10096
Reg. $20.49
Flor de Cana Rum Centenario 12 Year 2012  750ML     
A very special golden rum from one of Central America's most celebrated producers, Flor de Cana from Nicaragua.Raisins and molasses are inviting aromas. Sumptuous in the mouth, flavors develop into deep vanilla, dried stone fruit and hints of baking spice. The finish is slightly nutty, leaving a ... more
Sku: 11778
Reg. $42.49
Flor de Cana Rum Gran Reserva 7 Year  750ML     
Deep amber color. Burnt caramel, straw, and peppery spice aromas. A round entry leads to a dryish medium-bodied palate with dark caramel, toasted nuts, and cane stalk, and pepper flavors. Finishes with a drying mineral and lightly tannic, toasted coconut fade. A dry, reserved style.Aromas of baked ... more
Sku: 12278
Reg. $27.49
Zaya Rum 12 Yr. Gran Reserve 2012  750ML     
Once in a great while, a spirit is born with a master`s touch, where artistry, intellect and patience unite to create a legend. Zaya, the world`s finest luxury rum, is a tribute to these virtues. Crafted with elegance, this limited production rum is in a class by itself - for those who want the ... more
Sku: 13922
Reg. $38.49
Ron Zacapa Rum Centenario 23 Year  750ML     
The balance of bouquet and unique flavors is derived from a blend of aging rums of between 6 and 23 years old, originating from the "Solera System" aging process. These mature rums have been produced only from the sweetest first-crush virgin sugar cane honey. Ron Zacapa 23 is matured at an ... more
Sku: 18869
Reg. $56.49
Brugal Rum 1888 2013  750ML     
Distilled for Dryness: Brugal’s distillation removes many of the heavy alcohols that give other rums their sweetness, resulting in a clean, dry and smooth spirit. Aged for Smoothness: Double-wood aged for 6-8 years in White American Oak Casks, followed by 2-4 years in first-filled Spanish Sherry  more
Sku: 25220
Reg. $56.49
Gaston de Lagrange Cognac V.S.  1.75L     
  Sku: 00369
Reg. $30.99
Jim Beam Decanter 1957 Chevy Hot Rod  1.75L     
  Sku: 00375
Reg. $35.99
On Sale $32.49
Appleton Estate Rum V/X  750ML     
A full-bodied premium rum that boasts a warm golden color, rich satisfying aroma and a sophisticated flavor. Appleton Estate V/X is a perfect blend of 15 select, varying styles of estate rums that have been carefully aged in handcrafted oak barrels. All Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums are 100% estate ... more
Sku: 00400
Reg. $15.99
Elijah Craig Bourbon 12 Year Old Small Batch  1L     
Color: Burnish copper Aroma: Vanilla, mint and sweet fruit Taste: Smooth and warm; accents of spice and nutmeg Finish: Sweet, smoky and longRipe bouquet with dried apricot, honeysuckle, fresh fig and cured meats aromas. Baking spices dominate the palate with honey roasted pecans and citrus pith ... more
Sku: 09027
Reg. $21.99