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Jose Cuervo Margarita Golden  1.75L     
  Sku: 22422
Reg. $24.99
Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea  1.75L     
  Sku: 19508
Reg. $24.49
Skinnygirl Margarita  750ML     
Bethenny Frankel has just launched the Skinnygirl Margarita, a bottled, pre-mixed beverage made with clear tequila, lime juice and only a splash of citrus liqueur, which drastically reduces the calories of the traditional cocktail. All natural and lightly sweetened with agave nectar, it has only ... more
Sku: 21568
Reg. $14.49
Original Bartenders Cocktails Hot Sex  750ML     
  Sku: 09952
Reg. $14.49
Chi-Chi's White Russian  1.75L     
  Sku: 09960
Reg. $13.49
Chi-Chi's Mexican Mudslide  1.75L     
  Sku: 10403
Reg. $13.49
Jose Cuervo Margarita Golden  750ML     
  Sku: 16979
Reg. $11.99
Desert Island Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail 75@  1L     
  Sku: 07182
Reg. $9.99